How could I ever begin to apply the never-ending spewing of processes that you’ve been giving us over the years?” Abraham

perfectday We’re going to start the night before. We would put ourselves in our bed and we would lie there in the bed and try to achieve the feeling of appreciation. We would appreciate our bed. We would appreciate our day. We would compliment ourselves on the day’s achievement no matter how big or few they are. We would do our best to bask in our bed.

The End of Your Perfect Day

Before drifting off to sleep, we would set forth a thought, which is what we call prepaving, of pleasant anticipation of tomorrow. We would say something like, “Tomorrow will be a wonderful day.” And then we would try to find the feeling place of one of the most wonderful days we’d ever had. We’d try to find the feeling place of waking up and being glad to be alive and feeling happy about our physical life experience. We wouldn’t spend a lot of time on it because you don’t want to stimulate yourself into a lot of thought right before you’re trying to go to sleep. We would just try to generate the feeling of subtle, good feeling, peaceful, loving appreciation.

We might say, “And if I dream and there is anything important, I want to remember it.” When we awaken in the morning, the first thing we would do is acknowledge we’re glad to be alive and awake and physical, and then we would ask, “Did I dream?” because if you wait too long you won’t remember. Often you won’t have a dream that you remember, but if you do recall something, then lie there and try to recapture the feeling of it, because the feeling is what gives you your information. In other words, the emotions that you felt in your dream are the contrast that lets you know what you don’t want and what you do want, just like your feelings that you live in your real life-experience help you to know when you’re including something not wanted or when you’re including something wanted.

Next we would lie in our bed for about two or three minutes basking and appreciating. Now, again, can you feel that what we’re saying about generating a feeling? You see, when you slumber, your thoughts withdraw from the physical. So your Energy, your physical body energies, have been aligned. So when you first awaken, you’re like a new born baby. You’re lined up. You’re tuned in, tapped in and turned on. Have you ever awakened and felt immediately heavy as you come back into consciousness? It doesn’t happen all the time, but occasionally it happens, and what that is is the feeling of coming from the high pure vibration of Nonphysical into the denser heavier Energy of the physical. And it usually only happens to you if you’ve got some problem you’re struggling with, but once you get your Energy lined up, you won’t have that heavy feeling. Esther remembers, in the early days of speaking for Abraham, often when she would awaken in the morning, it was a sensation of her body weighing a thousand pounds as she came from high fast vibration into a denser vibration of a bit of struggle or worry.

Beginning Your Perfect Day

Once you have awakened and you’re lying there sort of basking for three or four or five minutes, whatever you have time for, really five minutes is optimum, then we would begin making some statements of what we anticipate for this day. Now, if you have already been doing your daily process, you probably already have some things lined up for this day. But if you haven’t, the sooner you do it in your day the better. So we would encourage you to get up, make yourself comfortable, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, get something to drink, maybe even eat a little bit of breakfast…

Do it for mePlace Mat Process

The Place Mat Process is the most effective one that we’ve seen for getting the day started, and that is where you, on the left side of a page, make your list of things you plan to do today. Be true to yourself about it, don’t put 5,000 things on today’s list. Don’t put more on today’s list than you can do, or it defeats you. It makes you feel overwhelmed to begin with. Go through your lists of things. And then on the right side of the page make a list of things that you want, but for whatever reason you’re not ready to act on, and just let them come freely from you. Don’t carry the list from day to day to day to day. Don’t make work of it. Just, every morning, ask yourself “What are some things that I want that I’m not ready to act on? Things that I would like the Universal staff to get going on”, and just list those, because making a decision about what you want with an attitude that “it’s not for me to do, but I do want it done” is a very good alignment of Energy. Often if you say, “I want to do this” and you know you don’t have time, then your Energy is split even when you write it on the list. But if you say, “I want to do this, and while I don’t have time, I’m not putting it on my list. I’m just telling the Universe, work on it if you will, please?” Then there’s a freedom about it. There’s no resistance in the vibration. You’re actually doing what Creation is. You’re defining what you want and you’re staying vibrationally out of the way of it. That’s it. Then we would move through our day.

Now, if something happens, like somebody calls us on the telephone and we have a little run-in with someone where we feel negative emotion, then the process we would offer is “Hum, I feel negative emotion. That means I’ve got my pencil in the fan, which means, I am including in my vibration something that I’d really like to exclude. But there’s no such thing as exclusion. So I’m shouting ‘No’ at it, including it anyway, lowering my own vibration, disallowing my Core Energy, and mucking up my vibration. I don’t want to do that anymore. So since I know what I don’t want, what is it that I do want?” And then we would make the statement of what we do want.

Focus Wheel Process

feelgood Now, if you really want to take the time to clear this Energy up right now, do a Focus Wheel. In other words, you have this newfound knowing of what you now want. It’s stronger and clearer than it’s recently been. In other words, it just happened. It’s hot off the press. It’s right there big and loud. You know that you want to feel such and such. So sit with your Focus Wheel, which is a piece of paper with a little circle in the middle, and just start making statements. Writing them. Writing is your strongest point of focus. Your mind doesn’t wander as much when you write. Your Energy doesn’t get split as much when you write. You keep your vibration purer when you write. So then, begin writing your statements clockwise around the middle circle.

We’ll do a Focus Wheel relative to the offering of our friend about her sister’s phone call about the sauerkraut. She would write something like “I want to get along well with this wonderful sister. I like it best when we are adoring each other, and there are so many things about her that are easy to adore, and life is so good. I am glad that we live close enough that we can share intimately in each other’s lives, and we’re going to have a wonderful time at this party today, and it’s going to feel so good to be there and realize that our relationship is bigger than this stupid little incident. And so, we will rise above it and feel wonderful.” And in the middle circle she would write, “Aren’t I glad that I have this person in my life.” With just a little bit of effort, you’ve totally brought yourself not only back into alignment but into stronger, clearer, better alignment than you would have been if the incident hadn’t happened to begin with.

For the most part, that’s the way we would live our lives. We would be aware that the way we feel is an indicator of what we are vibrating.

I Love Feeling Good

Now, somewhere in there, and you can do it or not do it, but we would offer it maybe a hundred times a day:  “I love feeling good. I love feeling good. Nothing is more important than that I feel good. I want to be true to myself. The better I feel, the more connected I am.” In other words, we would make lots of those kinds of statements reminding ourselves that feeling good is really all that really matters. People sometimes worry about that. They say, “Abraham, you’re screwy because you’re teaching people to feel good, and what about the monster that feels good when he monsters something?” And we say, “No one ever feels good when they are not in vibrational harmony with their Core. You don’t need to worry.

If you can teach people how to connect with that feeling of Well-being or that feeling of love or that feeling of appreciation and they are working to harmonize their thoughts, words and actions with that feeling, your troubles would cease on this planet. No one would ever push against anyone ever again about anything. Good.


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