We have established that your truths, your individual truths ARE beliefs.  They are merely beliefs that have been generated into absolute.  The point is that they are challenging if not quite difficult to identify, for they are so unquestioned and they are generated so automatically.  Generally, you are unaware of what they are or how to identify them, but they are very influencing. 

And now we address to the second part of your question, in that they are not your enemy.  They are your guidelines.  In your terms, they are good.

The reason that you make this association that they are bad is that you are not aware of the expressions and influences of them in mundane actions that you engage every day that you ARE comfortable with.  What you notice is influences that are uncomfortable or that are automatic responses that limit your choices. 

When you identify a truth and recognize a truth genuinely and begin to view how that truth is associated with many, many actions that you engage within your day, you begin to recognize that there are many expressions of that truth that ARE comfortable for you.  They ARE preferences and they are your guidelines.  They become conflicting and what you view as your enemy when you are not aware of these influences or when you are not aware that they are a guideline for you, or when you are discounting your own guideline and expressing to yourself that it is bad. 

Not being wasteful i.e. – this IS a preference; it IS a guideline.  But that guideline can also create conflicts in association with differences. 

If you are not aware of your guidelines and that they are YOUR guidelines and that they are not necessarily other individuals’ guidelines, what occurs is — as it is an absolute and it is not questioned, unless it is being questioned in discounting yourself – there is an underlying expectation continuously expressed within you that other individuals shall respond in like manner to yourself in any given situation. 

This blocks the acceptance of difference, for you are automatically generating a personalization of those differences, for they are absolute.  There is no other means or manner to engage in certain actions.  You must and all other individuals must also, for this is the absolute established method.  But it is not.  It is your own absolute established method, and that is not necessarily bad. 

Truths are all associated in some capacity with your preferences, but many of you are not aware of your preferences.  In this, those same truths that generate conflict are also the same truths that influence you to behave in certain manners, to engage certain actions in certain capacities, in certain directions.  You engage actions within your day that are mundane actions that do not incorporate thought, and you do not generate any recognition of any association with those actions.  ELIAS

Excerpt from Session 1970 Identifying Core Truths


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