The question which was asked to Bashar was about how sound and dance can best serve this planet at this time. His answer is: Find your Signature Vibration!

Bashar: By moving to whatever moves you. By allowing yourself to recognize that everything is vibration, and that when you discover for yourself what is the movement, what is the core, what is the vibration that hits home with you, then you will be RADIATING that tone. You will be MOVING that dance for all to see. You will be BEING the fullest facet of the multidimensional crystal you can be.

And by simply moving to what you know is true for you, you give others the best opportunity to see in you that you are following your path, that you are living your dance, that you are playing your tune. Which lets them know that they can do the same.

There may be vibrational tones that can generally assist many individuals in your society as well. You can explore with some of those generalized tones, and recognize that when you find the tone that moves you, what you are doing is you are finding your signature vibration. When you then recreate your signature vibration, your entire body chemistry and cellular structure and neural pathways will begin to vibrate according to that tone.

When you impose upon – not in a negative way – identify with, allow your body to identify with the tone that moves you, the signature vibration, then you allow your body to go back to its zero rest idealized state. And in that state there is no imbalance, and no disease.

Therefore, if you can assist another individual in finding their idealized signature vibration, and get them to recreate it so they can immerse themselves in that vibration, their cellular structure will begin to identify with that vibration. And they will allow their body – not make, not force – /allow/ their body to snap back to the zero rest state represented by that signature tone. Then they will not have disease at all. Understand, the only reason you have dis-ease or imbalance is because you /hold/ yourself out of balance.

When you let yourself go, you will snap back to zero – the ideal blueprint, rest-state definition, of the consciousness that you are; and in that state there is no imbalance, therefore, no disease. So, a tonal vibration that represents a person’s signature core vibration can allow them to have something to identify with, to allow them to snap back to zero. That is the dance you can share, if you are willing. But first and foremost, be your own dance, be your own tone, and live fully that which is true for /you/. Or anyone else you would like to assist will not believe that you can assist them, if they don’t see you as a living example. You follow me?

Die 3 Minuten Heilung


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