It requires none of your psychology. It merely requires your attention in noticing your own conflict, which you may be accomplishing quite efficiently objectively. You hold an awareness of your conflict! You hold an identification of your conflict as you engage conflict within each experience. This is not a mystery to you!

 Therefore, identify and notice your conflict within the now objectively, and merely express the questioning to yourself, ‘What shall you present to yourself that shall eliminate your conflict within the now?‘ And in that question, offer yourself your response of what shall be offering you no conflict, which is also not hidden from you and not a mystery! You shall offer yourself an answer to this question quite quickly.

You ALL KNOW OBJECTIVELY what is a conflict and what presents as no conflict. You merely confuse yourselves and create more conflict by not choosing the no conflict scenario.

Question: Okay, I’ve got a question for you then. Say objectively, a situation calls for, ‘This is the end of the conflict situation; I’m going home now.‘ without any thought to the result of it, to the byproduct of what’s going to happen as a result of your action. It’s just a matter of, ‘Okay, this is it; I stop?‘

Elias: This is your acceptance of self WITHOUT judgment. It is purely an expression of acceptance of self without placing a judgment upon your action and without the necessity for justification of your choice, for justification is merely another expression of a judgment upon yourself. You must be justifying. Therefore, it shall be acceptable. No! I express to you that your choice is your choice. It is merely that.


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