33I already wrote about Masternumbers here. This now is a very interesting explanation by Seth:

You may also be triggered at times with other multiple Master Numbers. The Master Numbers are multiple numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99. These numbers belong to the Greater Reality which is the reality that is based on Oneness rather than duality.

  • 11 = birthing and anchoring the New.
  • 22 = building upon the New. Building New Lives and a New World.
  • 33 = universal service through the quickening of our One Being.
  • 44 = the balance between spirtual and physical, the reconfiguring of our evolutionary labyrinth.
    As Above, So Below. The creation of the foundation
  • 55 = attaining personal freedom by being free of the past & totally real.
  • 66 = fulfilling our responsibilities in a joyful, creative manner.
  • 77 = profound insights and revelations. Honing ourselves to our Core
  • 88 = mastering of abundance in all realms.
  • 99 = the completion of a major evolutionary cycle. Time for another quantum leap.

And this is an excerpt of what Elias is saying about 11:11:

99Individuals have created many explanations and belief systems around this particular number. This has been presented as an other dimensional bleed-through, which has created within certain individuals new belief systems. In actuality, individuals that find themselves drawn to this particular symbol are allowing for an objective connection with other-dimensional realities.

There are belief systems within another dimensional reality that have bled through into this dimension, in that individuals connected with this particular other dimension have allowed an opening of awareness to this but have misinterpreted and inserted these belief systems into THIS reality and now view these to be real, or speaking to them of great truths. In actuality, they are bleed-through belief systems from another dimension. Individuals that are drawn to this symbol of this 11:11 are also allowing themselves a partial objective connection with this other dimension – your extraterrestrials, once again! (Grinning) Therefore, in noticing these types of imagery, you are offering yourself a partial awareness that you hold another focus within this other dimension.

And Bashar says about the 11:11

11All right; all right. Every being creates their own sense of synchronicity. Now understand, in the symbology that you have given upon your planet, the idea is representative of what you call a master number. The idea is representative of the vibrational matrix of the doorways between the different levels of yourself. And you can understand that once you have reached that idea of the eleven dimensionality of your existence, then there are magnitudes of elevens beyond that.

It is one of the reference points of the vibrational matrix of the All That Is that you are. It is one of the primary standing waves that create the physical reality of all the dimensions. It is a mathematical equation, in a sense, and it is representative of those reinforced wave fronts. Thus it is a point of power.

Do you follow me?

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