It is significant that you are allowing yourself an objective recognition and understanding of the reflection that you are offering to yourself and you are noticing that you are generating this mirror action to be validating to yourself that you do hold the ability to be generating this type of action.

It is also significant that you allow yourself to notice your communication to yourself in relation to what you are actually generating and expressing to yourself, that you cannot, and THEREFORE DENYING YOUR CHOICE TO YOURSELF.

ReflectionNow; what you may practice in action is in the moment that you recognize that you are expressing to yourself that you cannot,

Allow yourself to STOP,  NOTICE,  RELAX, and intentionally express to yourself permission to do, regardless that you are simultaneously expressing to yourself that you cannot.

In that moment, offer yourself objectively permission to generate a choice regardless of the expression of „I cannot.“

Once you offer yourself permission to generate the choice of „I can,“ even in the expression of continued doubt, allow yourself to incorporate a brief action in physically generating a choice of what you want to express,  even though you continue to doubt your ability to generate it.

What you are expressing, my friend, is a noticing and a recognition that you do incorporate an ability to appreciate yourself, and you reflect this outwardly through the imagery of other individuals. But as you turn your attention to you, you automatically express, „I cannot offer this _expression to myself; I cannot generate this expression in association with myself.“ What you are expressing that you cannot generate is a genuine appreciation of yourself.


Now; what am I expressing to you in acknowledging an appreciation of yourself? In a moment that you are recognizing and noticing that you are expressing to yourself „I cannot,“ stop, objectively offer yourself permission to express „I can,“ and express an appreciation of yourself – not merely within thoughts. Incorporate some action in that moment that is a demonstration of your appreciation of self. Offer yourself a gift. Incorporate some action that is acknowledging of you, that is appreciating of you. This may be expressed in a few moments. You may choose, in your terms, to indulge yourself in any action that generates preference and pleasure within you.

This shall be sufficiently distracting to allow you to discontinue concentrating upon the expression of „I cannot“ and it shall also offer you a reinforcement in acceptance of yourself, and this shall dissipate the expression of „I cannot.“ Elias



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