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Now; initially within your initial days, you may experience some challenge with that, for as I have expressed, this has become automatic, and automatic responses are challenging to notice. But if you are genuinely engaging this action, you shall begin in increments to notice more and more, and you shall begin to notice more frequently how very often you are generating this action of comparing. It matters not whether you view the comparison to be significant or insignificant. It is important that you merely notice.

Now; in this noticing, do not discount yourself and do not necessarily attempt to change what you are doing. That is not the point of this exercise. The point of this exercise is to allow yourself to become aware.

Now; as you are noticing each moment that you are generating some type of comparison, as you continue with the exercise and you begin to generate more noticing, at that point I suggest to you that as you notice each comparison, attempt to allow yourself to identify one effect of how that comparing hinders you or restricts you. For this also shall allow you to be more aware of what you are actually doing, and as I expressed previously, many times what you are doing is not doing.

If you are not engaging an action, you are preventing, and that is an action also, and that is an action of doing.

Let me also express to you, within this time framework that you may be engaging this exercise, attempt in different moments to allow yourself somewhat small increments of time in which you engage what you are doing freely with no expectation, with no comparison, and merely allow yourself to incorporate a brief time framework in which you allow an entirely free flow of energy.

In that, do not compare with the time frameworks in which you are not allowing that, but merely allow yourself to notice how your energy feels in those moments and how you feel in that flow. For in that flow, that is a time framework in which you objectively allow an expression of being aware of a subjective movement.

Elias Session 1620 Unrecognized Energy Of Comparison

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