Actually there is a huge (r)evolution taking place, and like all basic revolutions,  most of the contemporary people do not see it. The traditional values vanish  and all those, who do not want to be in the large pool of senselessness and powerlessness have to discover and strengthen their abilities and their awareness if they want to be alive, participate actively in life and if they do not want to be zombies.

The revolution is the understanding, that there is no objective world outside, independent of the beholder, but that the beholder influences the manifestations (this is where quantum physics are actually) or – and this is more real – that the beholder creates the manifestations.

The next step in evolution is, to become aware of this infinite power of consciousness, individually and en masse, and to get rid of the impeding ideas about a world independent of the observer. This means naturally, that each individual is fully responsible of its own world -a thought which is unattractive for most of the people.

To explain the individual ability of creating the physical world I invented or discovered my formula. It was an inspiration!

V     is vision spiritual intention and creation  +

E     is emotion which starts and moves the intention  =

M   is manifestation of the physical sensible objects 
          (conscious or unconscious intention)

Of course, this is a vast field and that’s why I wrote a book to explain my formula and some aspects of the ever present network of human consciousness:

 V + E = M ……or shall we bore God? 
 So far it exists only in German. 

Everybody, who wants to participate to the spiritual evolution and therefore to the physical evolution must now start to discover his own consciousness, discover his most hidden abilities and enlarge his personnality in a dramatically manner !

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