You translate them into what you perceive to be things, for you occupy your attention within a physical reality. But in actuality, energy is merely another term for movement.

 Energy is the movement OF consciousness

Energy Signatures

You all appear quite different [to me], for you each hold your individual energy signature, so to speak. In this, you create your own combinations of energy that you project as you manifest through your emotions, your thoughts, your physical feelings, all of your senses, inner and outer. There are many working elements to you, and all of these are expressed through energy.

Each of you, in your uniqueness and within your individuality, as I have expressed previously, are so very highly individual and unique that you each possess your own energy signature, in a manner of speaking, just as we have discussed within previous sessions in comparison to your physical fingerprints.

Your individual expression of tone and vibrational quality and personality are so very highly unique and individualized to you yourself that it may be compared to physical fingerprints not being duplicated within the physical expression of any other individual throughout your history within your physical dimension.

There are no two identically the same, and in this, you each hold a particular energy signature which is unique to yourself.



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