Probabilities are generated in the moment.

This is the snare. This is the direction of familiarity in which most individuals move their attention. „I shall be specific concerning what type of individual I want to be incorporating a relationship with and therefore I shall manifest this.“ No, in most likelihood you shall not. For how shall you recognize or generate this type of intimacy with another individual if you are unfamiliar with your OWN intimacy and what YOU naturally generate, what your personality naturally generates, what your relationship is with yourself? If you are unaware objectively of what you naturally prefer within your own expressions, within your own projections of energy, how shall you recognize what shall complement you in the energy of another individual?

Probabilities are generated in the moment.

Probabilities do not lie before you. There are not millions of probabilities that may be chosen from, already in existence. Probabilities are generated in the moment and produce outcomes in the moment. This is different than potentialities.

Orientation is your perception. It is what is creating your perception. Your beliefs are influencing of your perception and therefore create your perception also, but your orientation is an ingredient of your perception.

… let me also express to you that one of the reasons that individuals holding different orientations encounter and create much conflict within their relationship is their perception, which is directly influenced by their orientation, for in this, you perceive yourselves and your world differently. Therefore, you also respond to yourselves, to each other, and to your world quite differently. Your expressions are foreign to each other, and it may appear at times as though you occupy entirely different planets, not merely different countries, for your reality IS very different.

“ Your perception is how you view yourself, how you view your world, how you interact with your world, how you interact with yourself, with each other, and HOW YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY. You create your reality through your perception. Perception is not visual seeing. Perception is not limited to your thought process. It is not limited to emotion. It is all-encompassing, and that element of yourself that you do not identify as a thing, for it is not your body and it is not your brain. It is that element of yourself that creates your reality, that places you in the awareness of reality within this physical dimension. It is your awareness, your objective awareness.

Perception is not the you of you. Your orientation and your emotion, in this physical manifestation – not in all of essence, but in this particular physical dimension – your perception is created by your emotion and your sexuality. Those are the elements that are the you of you, the ingredients that are what comprises you, as you know yourself physically. Your perception is created by these elements, and is that aspect of you that therefore creates your reality

You, within this physical dimension, mirror many elements of consciousness – not all, but many elements of the natural state of consciousness – and you objectify these elements into physical, solid terms. You create physical movement. You create objects. You create imagery within a thickness that you may move through in a physical manner, which creates a slowing of action and offers you the opportunity to view intensely every aspect of this particular area of consciousnes

All of what you create within this dimension is a mirror of different aspects of movement of consciousness. It also is all a translation. It is translated into physical solidity. Even your thoughts and your communication holds a physical quality to it and a thickness in energy that is translated through a time framework, an element of time, which creates a thickness within the expressions of all that you create within this physical dimension

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