• Do not respond.


  • Listen carefully, engage your inner senses, assess the situation, the position of the individual, and their belief systems.



  • Intuitively respond.



  • Arrange your language to accommodate and accept the individual’sbelief systems. …Relate information, within the context of the individual’s own belief systems, to be helpful in acknowledging to them that they are not experiencing unusualness or non-reality or lunacy.



  • Remind yourself the point is not to change the individual’s perception or belief systems.



  • Remind yourself that the point is to offer information in a helpful manner, and not to be concerned with the responsibility of another individual’s reality.



  • Remind yourself that the individual’s reality is their reality and IS REALITY!



  • (to be placed before Step 1) Engage presently all individuals that you are within contact of.*


*Engage other individuals, not necessarily merely waiting FOREVER for other individuals to be approaching you!  Take the initiative!  Individuals shall be experiencing, within their mundane everyday life, experiences in conjunction with this shift.  Elias


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