ChakrasThe word chakra is Sanskrit for „moving wheel.“ The traditional 7 major chakras are the psychic energy centers located along the spine. They serve as channels, or portals for the universal life force that animates us. 

Various life traumas can upset our chakras, causing them to become blocked or damaged. When this happens, it can affect our lives in adverse ways. Knowing what our chakras are trying to tell us, and following their guidance can help us overcome all kinds of obstacles in life.

For example, if you are experiencing a lack of stability in your life, you will know your root chakra needs help and you’ll know that you can benefit from more red in your life. The color stimulates proper movement of the corresponding chakra, allowing it to process your life information the way it was meant to.

Using color is only one way of balancing your chakras. There are also foods you can eat, stones you can wear, essential aromas you can use, even planets you can learn from!

Here is a little quick-reference guide to the chakras and some of their correspondences:



 1. Root Chakra – Muladhara

(Root Support Center)
Color – Red
Location – Base of spine
Gland – Adrenals
Body part – Legs, feet
Food – Protein
Aromas – Cinnamon, myrrh
Stones – Garnet, hematite
Planet – Saturn
Qualities – Stability, self-mastery



2. Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana

Color – Orange
Location – Sacrum/spleen
Gland – Gonads
Body part – Ovaries, testes
Food – Liquid
Aromas – Sandalwood, Rose
Stimulating Stone – Carnelian
Planet – Moon
Qualities – Motivation, sexuality



 3. Naval Chakra – Manipura

(Wheeled City of Jewels)
Color – Yellow
Location – Solar Plexus
Gland – Pancreas
Body part – Digestive system
Food – Grain
Aromas – Ylang ylang, bergamot
Stones – Citrine, amber
Planet – Mars
Qualities – Power, focus



4. Heart Chakra – Anahata

(Wheel of Unstruck Sound)
Color – Green
Location – Heart
Gland – Thymus
Body part – Lungs
Food – Vegetables
Aromas – Rose, Melissa
Stone – Kunzite, rose quartz
Planet – Venus
Qualities – Love, harmony



5. Throat Chakra – Visshuda

(Wheel of Purity)
Color – Blue
Location – Throat
Gland – Thyroid
Body part – Ears
Food – Fruit
Aromas – Eucalyptus, chamomile
Stones – Azurite, turquoise
Planet – Mercury
Qualities – Communication, expression



6. Third Eye Chakra – Ajna

(To Perceive)
Color – Indigo
Location – Brow
Gland – Pineal
Body part – Eyes
Food – Fruit
Aromas – Lavender, hyacinth
Stone – Sugalite, fluorite
Planet – Jupiter
Qualities – Vision, imagination



7. Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

(Thousand-Spoked Wheel)
Color – Violet
Location – Top of head
Gland – Pituitary
Body part – Central nervous system
Food – Fasting
Aromas – Jasmine, frankincense
Stone – Quartz, amethyst
Planet – Uranus
Qualities – Spirituality, Enlightenment

Any time you notice you are lacking in one of the qualities above or having trouble with one of the body parts, use this information to balance your chakras. As you can see there are many ways to balance your chakras. Try different ways and see what works best for you!

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